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Item Counts

Name#∑ PriceAvg. Price
[Bladed Monkey's Paw]166.00
[Choosing Immunity [Tier IV]]24522.50
[Copper's Collar]3165.33
[Feldarr Farmer's Cap]155.00
[Feldarr Farmer's Coif]155.00
[Feldarr Farmer's Hood]4205.00
[Feldarr's Farmer's Hood]155.00
[Foreman Yato's Shower Sandals]155.00
[Foreman's Jeweled Bracelet of Perception]2168.00
[Foreman's Ornamental Training Saber]11111.00
[Foreman's Standard Issue Boots]2105.00
[Foreman's Standard Issue Chainmail Boots]2115.50
[Golden Simian Cape]3175.67
[Horned Barbute of Kandti]155.00
[Jeweled Bangle of the Simian Troupe]5357.00
[Masked Cap of Kandti]155.00
[Protector of the Simian Troupe]24020.00
[Renewal Immunity Rune: Blinding Gleam [Tier IV]]11515.00
[Sandstone Chiten Leggings]155.00
[Sandstone Chiten Legplates]155.00
[Shiny Bangle of the Simian Troupe]2157.50
[Simian Troupe Chaps]2157.50
[Simian Troupe Cuirass]155.00
[Simian Troupe Legplates]2105.00
[Simian Troupe Pantaloons]3155.00
[Sparkle in the Sands]55010.00
[Used the Monkey Whistle]1000.00
[Wall of the Simian Troupe]2105.00

All Items

Item NamePriceClassWinner
[Bladed Monkey's Paw]6Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Choosing Immunity [Tier IV]]35Mystic MysticGutterfly
[Choosing Immunity [Tier IV]]10Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Copper's Collar]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Copper's Collar]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Copper's Collar]6Channeler ChannelerZalynn
[Feldarr Farmer's Cap]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Feldarr Farmer's Coif]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Feldarr Farmer's Hood]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Feldarr Farmer's Hood]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Feldarr Farmer's Hood]5Coercer CoercerRata
[Feldarr Farmer's Hood]5Mystic MysticGutterfly
[Feldarr's Farmer's Hood]5Necromancer NecromancerDrakov
[Foreman Yato's Shower Sandals]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Foreman's Jeweled Bracelet of Perception]6Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Foreman's Jeweled Bracelet of Perception]10Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Foreman's Ornamental Training Saber]11Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Foreman's Standard Issue Boots]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Foreman's Standard Issue Boots]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Foreman's Standard Issue Chainmail Boots]6Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Foreman's Standard Issue Chainmail Boots]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Golden Simian Cape]6Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Golden Simian Cape]6Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Golden Simian Cape]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Horned Barbute of Kandti]5Mystic MysticGutterfly
[Jeweled Bangle of the Simian Troupe]15Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Jeweled Bangle of the Simian Troupe]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Jeweled Bangle of the Simian Troupe]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Jeweled Bangle of the Simian Troupe]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Jeweled Bangle of the Simian Troupe]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Masked Cap of Kandti]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Protector of the Simian Troupe]30Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Protector of the Simian Troupe]10Ranger RangerJueallara
[Renewal Immunity Rune: Blinding Gleam [Tier IV]]15Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Sandstone Chiten Leggings]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Sandstone Chiten Legplates]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Shiny Bangle of the Simian Troupe]10Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Shiny Bangle of the Simian Troupe]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Simian Troupe Chaps]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Simian Troupe Chaps]10Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Simian Troupe Cuirass]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Simian Troupe Legplates]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Simian Troupe Legplates]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Simian Troupe Pantaloons]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Simian Troupe Pantaloons]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Simian Troupe Pantaloons]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Sparkle in the Sands]6Warden WardenMilaow
[Sparkle in the Sands]11Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Sparkle in the Sands]11Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Sparkle in the Sands]6Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Sparkle in the Sands]16Necromancer NecromancerDrakov
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Necromancer NecromancerDrakov
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Brigand BrigandTopo
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Warlock WarlockDraks
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Wall of the Simian Troupe]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Wall of the Simian Troupe]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse

Items by Class

#∑ PriceAvg. PriceClass
10474.70Beastlord Beastlord
3103.33Berserker Berserker
3103.33Brigand Brigand
5275.40Channeler Channeler
4164.00Coercer Coercer
12786.50Conjuror Conjuror
2157.50Defiler Defiler
155.00Inquisitor Inquisitor
166.00Monk Monk
34515.00Mystic Mystic
3217.00Necromancer Necromancer
3155.00Ranger Ranger
3258.33Troubador Troubador
9829.11Warden Warden
100.00Warlock Warlock
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em