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    Current DKP - Pool

    Earned Spent Total Last Raid Last 30 Last 60
    1,252.00930.00322.002020-10-258/8 (100%)17/17 (100%)

    Item History

    Item Spent Date Raid Name Event
    [Revenant Bone Belt]52020-10-15Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Arachmech Cuirass of Enlightenment]152020-10-15Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Leaven Scalemail Chain Pants of Enlightenment]402020-09-27Sunday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Berenz's Ranking Collar]52020-09-24Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Polished Ro Signet Ring]52020-09-24Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Shadowstrike Bracers of Enlightenment]52020-09-24Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [190 bow]52020-09-03Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Shadowstrike Leather Gauntlets of Destruction]102020-08-23Sunday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Spire Lord's Ire]52020-08-20Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Shadowmail Chain Boots of the Deathless]152020-08-20Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Horribly Disgusting Tall Blocker]52020-07-30Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Plated Shadestriker's Barbute of Evasion]152020-07-26Sunday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Royal Triskian Seru's Stud]52020-07-23Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Seru's Massive Glaive]52020-07-16Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Shadowforged Vanguard Gauntlets of Evasion]202020-07-09Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Shadowchain Cuirass of Destruction]102020-07-09Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Indigo Skullworn Effigy]52020-06-21Sunday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Shadowchain Pants of Destruction]202020-06-11Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Lost Page from Percontorius' Spellbook]52020-06-04Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Spire Lord's Ire]52020-05-31Sunday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Lord Triskian's Sword of Truth]02020-05-14Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Contained Summoner's Magic]52020-05-14Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Seru's Massive Glaive]52020-04-23Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Shadowborn Leather Greaves of Evasion]52020-04-16Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Shadowbolt Bracers Pattern of Enlightenment]52020-04-12Sunday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Dipped Shadow Bracelet]202020-04-05Sunday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Lord Inquisitor Seru's Spoken Word]102020-04-02Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Shadowforged Vanguard Helm Pattern of Destruction]52020-03-19Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Shadowchain Bracers Pattern of Destruction]102020-03-12Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Sharpened Stars of Conscience]52020-02-27Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Pendant of the Thought Horror]152020-02-20Thursday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Gems of Dark Forces]252020-01-26Sunday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Shadowchain Helm of Destruction]252020-01-23Thursday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Shadowborn Barbute Pattern of Destruction]52020-01-23Thursday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Destructive Earthcrafted Boot Pattern]52019-10-13Sunday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Destructive Earthcrafted Shoulder]152019-09-29Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Cinderbrow's Band]52019-06-16Sunday RiadRaid Attendance
    [Jopal's Twisted Dagger of Thievery]52019-06-16Sunday RiadRaid Attendance
    [Magmaton's Fiery Bracelet]52019-06-13Thursday Raid Raid Attendance
    [Ring of the Firestorm]52019-06-13Thursday Raid Raid Attendance
    [Destructive Mudwalker's Boot]52019-06-09Sunday RiadRaid Attendance
    [Cursed Amulet of the Stormriders]52019-06-09Sunday RiadRaid Attendance
    [Fiery Pendant of the Archmage]52019-06-09Sunday RiadRaid Attendance
    [Destructive Earthwalker's Helm]52019-06-09Sunday RiadRaid Attendance
    [Murderous Mayhem Necklace]52019-06-06Thursday Raid Default DKP Award
    [Obsidian Heartstring Longbow]52019-05-30Thursday Raid Default DKP Award
    [CD Armor Voucher : Deathless Mudwalker's Pant]52019-05-30Thursday Raid Default DKP Award
    [Magmaton's Fiery Crawling Skin]52019-05-23Thursday Raid Raid Attendance
    [Pherlondien's Flighty Cloak]52019-05-19Sunday RiadRaid Attendance
    [Destructive Mudwalker's Shoulder]52019-05-19Sunday RiadRaid Attendance
    [Earthen Choker of Vegarlson]52019-05-16Thursday Raid Default DKP Award
    [Murderous Girdle]52019-05-16Thursday Raid Default DKP Award
    [Destructive Mudwalker's Helm Pattern]152019-05-12Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Murderous Double Edged Dagger]52019-05-09Thursday Raid Raid Attendance
    [Deathless Mudwalker's Bracer Pattern]52019-05-09Thursday Raid Raid Attendance
    [CD Armor Voucher: Enlightened Mudwalker's Pant]52019-05-09Thursday Raid Raid Attendance
    [Lordly Blue Diamond Bracelet]52019-05-09Thursday Raid Raid Attendance
    [CD Armor Voucher: Deathless Mudwalker's Boot]52019-05-05Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Maximized Sparkles!]52019-05-05Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Hardened Clat Gorget]52019-05-01Thursday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Derugoak's Onyz Bracelet]152019-04-28Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [CD Armor Voucher: Enlightened Mudwalker's Pant]52019-04-28Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [The Jokester's Dancing Blade]102019-04-18New Thursday Raid - First try Default DKP Award
    [Cloak of the Vegarlson Titan]52019-04-14Sunday Night Adventures GOT NIGHT OMGRaid Attendance
    [CD Armor: Destructive Mudwalker's Pant Pattern]102019-04-07Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Lordly Blue Diamond Bracelet]52019-04-07Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Murderous Crossbow]52019-04-06Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Woven Nature Earring]102019-03-23Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Splintered Vegarlson Shard Earring]252019-03-16Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Crystallized Knowledge of Planar Armor: Shoulders]52018-10-31Wednesday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Plague Cloak]52018-10-28Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Crystallized Knowledge of Planar Armor: Hands]202018-10-21Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Sourced Earrings]52018-10-10Wednesday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Crystalized Knowledge of Planar Armor: Feet]252018-10-03Wednesday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Forgotten Purpose Trinket]52018-09-30Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Crystallized Knowledge of Planar Armor: Forearms]352018-09-30Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Omega Earring I]252018-09-19Wednesday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Crystalized Knowledge of Planar Armor : Head]252018-09-19Wednesday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Golden Cinder Cloak]52018-09-16Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Oily Banded Belt]52018-09-09Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Scintillating Forearm Coverings]52018-06-13Wednesday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Bolstered Prototype Tower]52018-06-06Wednesday RaidDefault DKP Award
    [Scintillating Chest Coverings I]52018-05-30Wednesday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Cloak of the Clockwork Hero v21]52018-05-30Wednesday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Cloak From Contagious Diseases]52018-05-27Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Omega Earring V]202018-05-20Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Firmament of Power] 52018-05-13Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Inoculated Leg Coverings]102018-05-13Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Bolstered Prototype Shortbow]52018-05-06Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Prototype Foot Coverings]152018-04-29Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Ornamental Canine Stud]52018-04-22Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Ring of Disfunctional Prototypes]52018-04-22Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Gizzard Necklace]102018-04-15Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Inoculated Head Coverings]52018-04-01Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Rune: Trained to Battle]102018-03-21Wednesday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Prototype Arm Coverings]52018-03-14Wednesday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Scintillating Forearm Coverings]102018-03-11Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Cloak From Contagious Diseases]52018-02-25Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Prototype Chest Coverings]202018-02-25Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Adamant Resolve] 52018-02-07Wednesday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Prototype Hand Coverings ]152018-01-17Wednesday RaidRaid Attendance
    [astral dominion]102018-01-14Sunday RaidRaid Attendance
    [Voidwrought Rune: Chest] 02018-01-10Wednesday RaidRaid Attendance

    Raid History

    Raid Name Raid Date Earned
    Sunday Raid2020-10-255
    Thursday Raid2020-10-225
    Sunday Raid2020-10-185
    Thursday Raid2020-10-155
    Sunday Raid2020-10-115
    Thursday Raid2020-10-085
    Sunday Raid2020-10-045
    Thursday Raid2020-10-015
    Sunday Raid2020-09-275
    Thursday Raid2020-09-245
    Sunday Raid2020-09-205
    Thursday Raid2020-09-175
    Sunday Raid2020-09-135
    Thursday Raid2020-09-105
    Sunday Raid2020-09-065
    Thursday Raid2020-09-035
    Sunday Raid2020-08-305
    Sunday Raid2020-08-235
    Thursday Raid2020-08-205
    Sunday Raid2020-08-165
    Thursday Raid2020-08-135
    Sunday Raid2020-08-095
    Thursday Raid2020-08-065
    Sunday Raid2020-08-025
    Thursday Raid2020-07-305
    Sunday Raid2020-07-265
    Thursday Raid2020-07-235
    Sunday Raid2020-07-195
    Thursday Raid2020-07-1610
    Sunday Raid2020-07-125
    Thursday Raid2020-07-0910
    Sunday Raid2020-07-055
    Thursday Raid2020-07-025
    Sunday Raid2020-06-285
    Thursday Raid2020-06-255
    Sunday Raid2020-06-215
    Thursday Raid2020-06-185
    Sunday Raid2020-06-145
    Thursday Raid2020-06-115
    Sunday Raid2020-06-075
    Thursday Raid2020-06-045
    Sunday Raid2020-05-315
    Thursday Raid2020-05-285
    Sunday Raid2020-05-245
    Thursday Raid2020-05-215
    Sunday Raid2020-05-175
    Thursday Raid2020-05-145
    Sunday Raid2020-05-105
    Thursday Raid2020-05-075
    Sunday Raid2020-05-035
    Thursday Raid2020-04-305
    Sunday Raid2020-04-265
    Thursday Raid2020-04-235
    Sunday Raid2020-04-195
    Thursday Raid2020-04-165
    Sunday Raid2020-04-125
    Thursday Raid2020-04-095
    Sunday Raid2020-04-055
    Thursday Raid2020-04-025
    Sunday Raid2020-03-295
    Thursday Raid2020-03-265
    Sunday Raid2020-03-225
    Thursday Raid2020-03-195
    Sunday Raid2020-03-155
    Thursday Raid2020-03-125
    Sunday Raid2020-03-085
    Thursday Raid2020-03-055
    Sunday Raid2020-03-015
    Thursday Raid2020-02-275
    Sunday Raid2020-02-235
    Thursday Raid2020-02-205
    Sunday Raid2020-02-165
    Thursday Raid2020-02-135
    Sunday Raid2020-02-095
    Thursday Raid2020-02-065
    Sunday Raid2020-02-025
    Thursday Raid2020-01-305
    Sunday Raid2020-01-265
    Thursday Raid2020-01-235
    Sunday Raid2020-01-195
    Thursday Raid2020-01-165
    Sunday Raid2020-01-125
    Thursday Raid2020-01-095
    Sunday Raid2020-01-055
    Thursday Raid2019-10-311
    Sunday Raid2019-10-275
    Sunday Raid2019-10-205
    Thursday Raid2019-10-175
    Sunday Raid2019-10-131
    Sunday Raid2019-10-065
    Sunday Raid2019-09-291
    Sunday Raid2019-09-225
    Thursday Raid2019-09-191
    Sunday Raid2019-09-155
    Thursday Raid2019-09-125
    Sunday Raid2019-09-085
    Thursday Raid2019-09-055
    Sunday Raid2019-09-015
    Sunday Raid2019-08-255
    Thursday Raid2019-08-225
    Sunday Raid2019-08-185
    Thursday Raid2019-08-155
    Sunday Raid2019-08-115
    Thursday Raid2019-08-085
    Sunday Raid2019-08-045
    Thursday Raid2019-08-015
    Sunday Raid2019-07-285
    Thursday Raid2019-07-255
    Thursday Raid2019-07-185
    Sunday Raid2019-07-145
    Thursday Raid2019-07-115
    Sunday Riad2019-07-075
    Sunday Riad2019-06-305
    Thursday Raid 2019-06-275
    Sunday Riad2019-06-235
    Thursday Raid 2019-06-205
    Sunday Riad2019-06-165
    Thursday Raid 2019-06-135
    Sunday Riad2019-06-095
    Thursday Raid 2019-06-065
    Sunday Riad2019-06-025
    Thursday Raid 2019-05-305
    Sunday Riad2019-05-265
    Thursday Raid 2019-05-235
    Sunday Riad2019-05-195
    Thursday Raid 2019-05-165
    Sunday Raid2019-05-125
    Thursday Raid 2019-05-095
    Sunday Raid2019-05-055
    Thursday Raid2019-05-015
    Sunday Raid2019-04-285
    Thursday raid2019-04-255
    Sunday Night Adventures2019-04-215
    New Thursday Raid - First try 2019-04-185
    Sunday Night Adventures GOT NIGHT OMG2019-04-145
    Sunday Raid2019-04-075
    Sunday Raid2019-04-065
    Sunday Raid2019-03-235
    Sunday Raid2019-03-165
    Sunday Raid2019-03-095
    Sunday Raid2019-03-025
    Sunday Raid2019-02-165
    Sunday Night Adventures Begin Again2019-02-105
    Sunday Raid2018-11-115
    Wednesday Raid2018-11-075
    Sunday Raid2018-11-045
    Wednesday Raid2018-10-315
    Sunday Raid2018-10-285
    Wednesday Raid2018-10-245
    Sunday Raid2018-10-215
    Wednesday Raid2018-10-175
    Sunday Raid2018-10-145
    Wednesday Raid2018-10-105
    Sunday Raid2018-10-075
    Wednesday Raid2018-10-035
    Sunday Raid2018-09-305
    Wednesday Raid2018-09-265
    Sunday Raid2018-09-235
    Wednesday Raid2018-09-195
    Sunday Raid2018-09-165
    Wednesday Raid2018-09-125
    Sunday Raid2018-09-095
    Wednesday Raid2018-09-055
    Sunday Raid2018-09-025
    Wednesday Raid2018-08-295
    Sunday Raid2018-08-265
    Wednesday Raid2018-08-225
    Sunday Raid2018-08-195
    Wednesday Raid2018-08-155
    Sunday Raid2018-08-125
    Wednesday Raid2018-08-085
    Sunday Raid2018-08-055
    Wednesday Raid2018-08-015
    Sunday Raid2018-07-295
    Wednesday Raid2018-07-255
    Sunday Raid2018-07-225
    Wednesday Raid2018-07-185
    Sunday Raid2018-07-155
    Wednesday Raid2018-07-115
    Sunday Raid2018-07-085
    Sunday Raid2018-07-015
    Wednesday Raid2018-06-275
    Sunday Raid2018-06-245
    Wednesday Raid2018-06-205
    Sunday Raid2018-06-175
    Wednesday Raid2018-06-135
    Sunday Raid2018-06-105
    Wednesday Raid2018-06-065
    Sunday Raid2018-06-035
    Wednesday Raid2018-05-305
    Sunday Raid2018-05-275
    Wednesday Raid2018-05-235
    Sunday Raid2018-05-205
    Wednesday Raid2018-05-165
    Sunday Raid2018-05-131
    Wednesday Raid2018-05-095
    Sunday Raid2018-05-065
    Wednesday Raid2018-05-025
    Sunday Raid2018-04-295
    Wednesday Raid2018-04-255
    Sunday Raid2018-04-225
    Wednesday Raid2018-04-185
    Sunday Raid2018-04-155
    Wednesday Raid2018-04-115
    Sunday Raid2018-04-085
    Wednesday Raid2018-04-045
    Sunday Raid2018-04-015
    Wednesday Raid2018-03-285
    Sunday Raid2018-03-255
    Wednesday Raid2018-03-215
    Sunday Raid2018-03-185
    Wednesday Raid2018-03-145
    Sunday Raid2018-03-115
    Wednesday Raid2018-03-075
    Sunday Raid2018-03-045
    Wednesday Raid2018-02-285
    Sunday Raid2018-02-255
    Wednesday Raid2018-02-215
    Sunday Raid2018-02-185
    Wednesday Raid2018-02-145
    Sunday Raid2018-02-115
    Wednesday Raid2018-02-075
    Sunday Raid2018-02-045
    Wednesday Raid2018-01-315
    Sunday Raid2018-01-285
    Wednesday Raid2018-01-245
    Sunday Raid2018-01-215
    Wednesday Raid2018-01-175
    Sunday Raid2018-01-145
    Wednesday Raid2018-01-105

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    Attendance By Event

    Event Name Percentage
    Default DKP Award 0/0 (0%)
    Raid Attendance 0/0 (0%)


    Date Amount Reason Earned Spent Total

    Initial DKP

    No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em